Giblets: I’m apparently in the Steam In-Home Streaming Beta

No e-mails, no fanfare accompanied the shock when I opened up my Steam account settings to change my name this morning only to find new options that allow me to use the Steam in-Home Streaming Beta service! I had several ideas about what to do if I did get in and in my initial disappointment in not catching the opening waves disappointed me. However, now that I’m in, things are looking a lot more interesting.

Tonight, I’ll be starting my assessment of where things are currently sitting with the Beta. I’ll be testing this with my netbook in 802.11g and 802.11n networks, over Ethernet and to our HTPC (currently sitting unplugged) which is by our HDTV. I’ll be using a Xbox 360 controller for both computers to see how things run and for the HTPC I’ll try use Big Picture as well to emulate a Steam Machine’s typical setup.

I may include video, I may just have screenshots for you, but I will go as in-depth as possible to see how this benefits you, the gamer and what the implications are that In-Home streaming introduces to the market. Keep your browsers pointed to NAG Online to find out more!