Playstation Now launch titles leaked on Reddit?

Playstation Now 2014 leaked titles

A Reddit thread inside the PS4 subreddit popped up over the weekend with a screenshot indicating which Playstation games would be available first on Playstation Now and what they would be priced at. The picture includes hits such as The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Shadow of the Colussus and Darksiders II: Death Lives. The price? $49.99. But this isn’t the actual lineup.

Sony has yet to comment on what games will be available on the service and many of the games first trialed on it are either from Sony’s in-house studios or platform exclusives that only appear on Playstation-brand products. Nothing has been said yet about the possibility of games like Sly Cooper, Little Big Planet 2 or even Disagea 4: A promise forgotten appearing on the (nonexistent, at this point) game streaming service.

But cast your eyes away from what would be an interesting lineup and look instead to the really strange “Playstation™” branding, which appears to have been scaled down and the word “Now” which isn’t in the correct font at all. In addition, there’s a strange blur running across the bar running underneath the words “Summer 2014” which indicates that something must have been rubbed out using a photo editor.

Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection year One

I hunted for a similar picture on the net and found one detailing the PS Plus Instant Game Collection year one that gave loads of PS3 and Vita owners much joy. This is an official slide from Sony Computer Entertainment America and you’ll notice, if you flip between the pictures, that the “leaked” PS Now lineup is definitely a hoax. None of the games have their headers indicating which platform it’s for and all the proper background elements are there and not blurred out.

As the PS Now beta attracts more attention and gains more users in the US expect to see some more leaks in the coming months. But discard this one, it’s a waste of your time and happiness.

Source: Reddit