Behold the glory of Japan’s Dark Souls 2 special edition

Oh Dark Souls faithful, I’m in two-minds about sharing this with you. You are, after all, one of gaming’s more rabid fan bases and to be honest, you scare me a little when you don’t get your own way. That in itself is rather ironic considering Dark Souls hardly ever lets you get your own way anyway. Regardless, I shall throw caution to the wind and show to you this lovely Japanese Dark Souls 2 Collector’s Edition, which, I’m afraid, you cannot have.

This Japanese exclusive comes with a very fetching wooden box, complete with engravings of what I can only assume is some important seal from the Dark Souls universe; that’s “seal” as in a sacred symbol, and not the blubbery animal that swims… or the singer who was once totally getting it on with Heidi Klum.

Inside this fetching wooden box is a host of miniature replicas of the various weapons and shields found in Dark Souls 2. Each item is made out of metal; there are four shields, three swords and one axe. Presumably you get a copy of the game as well, but the video that shows off all of this delectable loot doesn’t really mention that. Then again, it could mention that and we’d just be clueless considering the whole shebang is in Japanese.

If you’re thinking of jumping onto Amazon Japan to bag a region-free PS3 version, then don’t bother – these are sold out. Surprise, surprise.

Via: Eurogamer