Guild Wars 2: Prepare to escape from Lion’s Arch


Next week, the city of Lion’s Arch – which has stood for 250 years – comes under siege. It’s all been building up to this since Flame and Frost: Prelude hit at the start of last year. A lot is going to happen, as Massively details in their write up. Here’s some of what we can expect:

Scarlet’s armies will descend upon Lion’s Arch on February 18th. Players will join forces with the Orders of Tyria and recent allies like Rox and Braham, to help evacuate citizens and mount a counter-attack. Because Lion’s Arch is the major hub city for Guild Wars 2, with essential services, most of those services are being moved to the Vigil Keep. Personal Story steps that take place in Lion’s Arch will be accessed via a new portal entrance.

Scarlet’s attack on Lion’s Arch is due to one of her probes in the waters near the city turning green, indicating that something has been found.