Lords of the Fallen gameplay revealed


Cast your minds back to May 2013; I know it’s a tall order for many of us encumbered by memory sieves, but just try, OK? You may remember a game being announced called Lords of the Fallen? Well, the game has had a couple of brief showings at events like PAX, but actual gameplay footage hasn’t been revealed until now.

IGN has had the pleasure of sitting down with the game’s executive producer Tomasz Gop (who has worked on titles like The Witcher 2) to play through about 10 minutes of the game. The gameplay shows player character Harkyn as he traverses a castle area during the game’s earlier sections. You’ll see a couple of different attack styles ranging from slow, heavy attacks with a warhammer, to faster flurries with daggers. The gameplay culminates in a boss battle against the first of the Lords that command the Fallen god’s armies – now you can see where the title comes from.

Got to admit, the game looks like it’s set to tickle the fancy of all you Demon Souls / Dark Souls masochists out there. It’s an action RPG, but not a “button-mashing” ARPG – so think slow, methodical combat approaches to every type of enemy in the game. You have to think, plan and head into each encounter with the right equipment if you hope to succeed. Hit the jump to check it out in action.