Cue mass hysteria: registration for the closed Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC is now open. Head over to Titanfall.com if you would like to throw your name into the mix. Like the alpha before it, you won’t need a pre-order of the game to be accepted and anyone can register for an access code. Keep in mind that if you want to play on PC (I doubt many of you readers have imported an Xbox One), you’ll need an EA Origin account. Only a limited number of players will be selected so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of success as the number of registrations will likely be massive. Nevertheless, you can find an encouraging and excitement-fueling trailer after the jump. Seriously, watch it, it’s good.

According to the official FAQ, the beta will contain only a “small slice of gameplay” from the final game and registration will remain open until roughly midnight (South African time) on February 14th. Thereafter acceptance emails will be sent out no later than the early hours of February 18th.

There are currently no plans to launch an Xbox 360 beta, but the game is scheduled to be released on this platform. The beta will no doubt answer a number of questions about the game and its potential, including one which I have previously mulled over myself: will Titanfall be a successful eSports title?

Titanfall is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in mid-March 2014.

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