Bromazing Broforce trailer full of brotastic features, bro


Explosions. Screen shaking. Predictable stereotypical villains. Bromance. Pig riding. Coconuts.

This article is either about a niche adult film directed by Michael Bay or Free Lives‘ Broforce. You’ll have to click through to find out.

That trailer, which is sitting on 30,000+ views in less than 48 hours, arrives with the news that Free Lives have entered a publishing deal with Devolver Digital, an indie game publisher known for their work on games like Hotline Miami and Luftrausers.

This deal has, and is, going to lead to a bromazing number of things. Firstly, there will much more visibility for Broforce and Free Lives, which is already apparent in the trailer’s view count. Secondly, it’s now the top selling game on the Humble Store currently. I’ve heard unofficially that this deal might result in Broforce being at PAX Prime right next to Hotline Miami 2, which would be a massive boost for the Free Lives bros and would likely result in them breaking into the North American market. Devolver Digital have also somehow engineered Broforce to be on Steam Early Access from March.

When the Free Lives bros bro harder, bros everywhere win.

Go grab the brotastic beta for $15 – you wont regret it … bro. Broforce is set to release on PC and consoles some time in mid-to-late 2014.