Darkest Dungeon beats Kickstarter goal, gets new trailer


Darkest Dungeon, a title which I think legitimately deserves its gritty description, has massacred its Kickstarter goal of $75,000, earning nearly double that in just two short days.

A turn-based side-scrolling randomised dungeon crawler, Darkest Dungeon‘s newest trailer sets the scene – in suitably Lovecraftian style – of a family prone to decadent and esoteric pleasures, a craving which ultimately brings unholy ruin down upon their house. As the returning heir set with the task of restoring honour and glory to your family’s estate, you’ll be responsible for managing a company of heroes as you plumb the depths of your accursed homestead.

I mentioned Lovecraft, and in many ways Darkest Dungeon melds the less savoury aspects of medieval times (think plague doctors and leprosy) with his themes of stress and horror of the unknown dark. According to the developers, their Affliction system will cause your heroes to develop long-lasting psychological disorders, which will come to bear on the party as it ventures further into the dungeon.

Its striking visual presentation (how often do you hear something employing a “hand-drawn gothic crowquill” artstyle?), combined with what sounds like the best parts of X-COM and classic RPGs, piqued my interest when the developers announced it in 2013, and I’ve had my lazy eye on it since.

You can see the original trailer in all its macabre glory below:

Source: Kickstarter