Revamped realMyst quietly hits Steam


Nearly 21 years ago, this point-and-click adventure game hit the gaming world. It caused a serious stir thanks to some very pretty graphics and some fiendishly hard puzzles. A few days back, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition suddenly hit Steam. It’s a completely revamped and modern version of that classic adventure game of yore. If you missed playing it back then (because, maybe, we don’t know, you weren’t even born yet or something) now you have the chance to give it a go. Be warned: this is a tough adventure game that was made back in a time when the term “hand-holding” hadn’t even been invented yet. In fact, the words didn’t even exist back then; people didn’t have “hands”, we just had “graspers” as they were colloquially referred to. It was a simpler time.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is actually an update of an update. Back in 2000, realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition was released, which gave the game a fully explorable 3D world; the original was a set of pre-rendered screens that you moved through. So then what does this update bring?

The Masterpiece Edition still features the full 3D world, but it’s been moved over to the Unity engine and given a serious facelift. The game now also features changes in weather, day and night cycles and a torch for exploring the world during night times. If you want a classic Myst experience, then you can choose to move from one static screen to the next, just like in the good old days.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is out on Steam right now for $17.99. If you feel your adventure game education is lacking in some classical tutoring, then I recommend you pick this up. If you do, then let me know what you think.

Via: Polygon