Super Hexagon developer makes Flappy Bird tribute


By now I’m sure you’re probably sick to death of hearing about Flappy Bird, but this is pretty cool. Terry Cavanagh, the developer behind such indie greats as Super Hexagon and VVVVVV, has made his own flash-based rendition of Flappy Bird appropriately called Maverick Bird: A Flappy Bird Fan Game.

Those of you familiar with Cavanagh’s work will know what to expect: bright neon colours, a thumping techno soundtrack and an undeniable “just-one-more-try” quality. His games also tend to be diabolically difficult, so it makes perfect sense that he could pull off a Flappy Bird with this much grace and finesse.

The only noteworthy difference is the addition of a “dive” button that allows you to quickly swoop down into an opening. Personally, I like this clone far better than the original, but Cavanagh insists it’s just some unrestrained fanboyism: “Thanks for the inspiration, Dong,” he writes. “Looking forward to your next game when things settle down!”

Take a look at it here.