Watch this: Evolve’s first trailer


Heavens to Betsy, how did we not post this yesterday? We’ve already taken a brief look at Turtle Rock’s (the team behind Left 4 Dead) next big thing in this article about a lot of next big things, but we haven’t seen it as such. Now we get this rather lovely trailer entitled “Happy Hunting”. As far as debut trailers go, this one does a splendiforous job of introducing the game with much gusto. We wholeheartedly approve!

You have questions? I have questions: like is this trailer all in-engine or are we ogling some fancy pre-rendered stuff. Considering the game runs on CryEngine, this might very well be in-engine rendering. In which case: holy balls.

Evolve is out sometime during our spring 2014 – so that’s between September to November. It’ll be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.