Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC details revealed

EA has revealed that Battlefield 4‘s next DLC pack after this week’s Second Assault expansion will drop in late March for premium players, and two weeks later for everyone else. Naval Strike, as the name suggests, will focus on water-based combat.

The new expansion’s website  is up and running. It will feature four new maps all set in Chinese waters, one of which – called Nansha Strike – boasts the largest stretch of ocean yet seen in any Battlefield game. It will also introduce five new weapons,  two new gadgets, an amphibious hovercraft, ten new assignments, and most interestingly, the new Carrier Assault mode, which DICE is describing as an homage to Battlefield 2142‘s Titan mode.

In Battlefield 2142‘s Titan mode, attacking players had to fight to control missile launchers which they could then use to attack a heavily armoured ship. Once sufficiently damaged, they then had to board said ship and destroy its main reactor. Of course, this game mode was set in the future, so it should be interesting to see how DICE translates it to the contemporary setting that Battefield 4 is set in.

In the meantime, premium members are able to download the game’s new DLC pack, Second Assault, right now.