Watch this: 10 minutes of Jonathan Blow’s The Witness


Mmmm-mmm, but The Witness sure does look ever so tasty, doesn’t it? The next game from Jonathan Blow (he of indie darling Braid fame) is certainly taking its time to get to us, but it was recently announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. To many indie junkies, that can be seen as a big gain for Sony’s ever-growing stable of PS4 exclusives.

We haven’t had much new news on Blow’s game for quite some time, so this new slice of ten minutes of gameplay is a welcomed snack to remind us that this is something to be excited about. Well, it is if you’re into odd little puzzles and old-school adventure games with a Myst flavour to them.

In the video, which is narrated by Blow, you’ll be walked through the first ten minutes of the game. Fret not, because the odds are that the opening will change before the game releases. That’s because Blow confirmed that The Witness will head to PS4 “next year some time”. Ouch, that’s far away still.

In this new gameplay, Blow also explains how to get around having a complicated IU in a game. He’s obviated the need for an inventory system or cluttered screen UI thanks to the puzzle designs. There’s also no tutorial to teach you the gameplay mechanics. Instead, you’re introduced to a scaled puzzle set that teaches you how to solve trickier puzzles that you might come across.

“The key is only knowledge,” Blow explained about key and door puzzles. “The key is only, ‘Do I understand what all these things mean?’ And if I know that, then I can open the gate. So that’s one way you get around having a complicated interface, is you just put it all in the player’s head.”

It sounds suitably philosophical and perhaps a little pretentious, but it’ll make sense once you see the whole thing in action. Check it out below.

Via: Twitter