Just a few days ahead of the launch in Japan and other parts of east-Asia, Sony has passed the 5 million mark for sales of their new Playstation console. At the end of 2013 Sony sold through over four million of the damn things and less than two full months later has eclipsed their pre-determined sales target promised to investors of five million units sold to consumers before 31 March 2014. Compared to Xbox One, Sony’s PS4 outsold their competitor 2-to-1 over the month of January. But that’s not as mad as the other statistic for Microsoft – Xbox One itself is selling twice as fast as the 360 in their home turf. That’s a brand new record for Sony and makes the PS4 their fastest-selling console yet.

In fact, compared to the Playstation 2, in the first two years following it’s November 2000 launch in the US, Sony managed to sell a record ten million units as of May 2002. What PS2 managed in 18 months, could be surpassed by PS4 worldwide in less than six. If the absurd popularity of the console market wasn’t obvious to you yet, or the fact that many gamers are eager to leave last-gen behind, this is as good an indicator as any.

Source: Sony Computer Entertainment PR

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