Titanfall beta data mined, new maps, perks and more found


Nosey individuals over on NeoGAF and Reddit have spent the last few days mining through the data of the Titanfall beta. Needless to say, they found plenty of interesting bits and pieces including an expansive map selection (there are only two Attrition maps in the beta for example), a list of weapons, pilot and titan ordinances (read: grenades, mines etc.), and pilot and titan Tactical Abilities (read: perks).

Around 17 different pilot weapons and four pilot ordinance types have been found. Of those 17, seven are in the beta. Additionally, there are six titan weapons, including a Plasma Railgun; half of the titan weapons are usable in the beta.

Game modes were also uncovered, but there’s nothing that surprising there: Attrition, Last Titan Standing and Hardpoint Capture are already in the beta, but the data mine uncovered “CTF” (presumably Capture the Flag) and “TDM” (presumably Team Deathmatch). “Campaign Multiplayer” was also found. There is also mention of splitscreen.

Below you can see the artwork for each of the discovered maps. It looks as if maps are split into two different sets: Angel City and Fracture.

You can check out a bunch of weapon pictures and Tactical Ability icons over on NeoGAF. More information can be found on Reddit.

Via: Eurogamer