La-Mulana 2 reaches Kickstarter goal, releases demo


So you might recall I reported on the Kickstarter campaign for La-Mulana 2, the sequel to the explore-everything-die-everywhere metroidvania La-Mulana. La-Mulana is an incredible game, and you could get it for dirt cheap at the time of reporting. If you didn’t buy it then, you’re a terrible person (objective fact) and I’m not sure we could ever be friends.

That aside, in spite of a shaky end-run, NIGORO have reached and surpassed their goal of $200,000, and to celebrate they’ve released a special Kickstarter demo version of La-Mulana 2 for backers and non-backers alike, based on the one shown to press at the Tokyo Game Show in 2013.

It appears to be a sizeable chunk of the game, and at 25MB it’s not going to be breaking anyone’s bandwidth bank. Do yourself a favour and give it a go while I attempt to rein in my blatant La-Mulana fanboyism.

Source: Kickstarter

Direct link to demo: here