Valve reveals release date for Dota 2 documentary


Lost in limbo since its original announcement in 2012, Valve has finally declared the release date of their feature-length documentary Free to Playwhich follows three players in their quest to win fame and riches at the first Dota 2 The International championship.

Free for every Steam user from 19th March, the film will focus on Danil Ishutin (Dendi), Benedict Lim (HyHy) and Clinton Loomis (Fear) while covering the hurdles they faced in pursuing a professional eSports career and their motivations for doing so. Given the final results of the first International, the documentary should prove somewhat uncomfortable to watch.

The release of the documentary will also coincide with a release of a special Free to Play competitor pack for Dota 2, which will include a unique courier, ward, HUD skin and pro player item sets for Pudge, Doom and Sven, with proceeds going towards the three players featured.

Watch the trailer after the jump:

Source: Dota 2 blog