3D Realms reveals new Duke Nukem, Gearbox sues them


3D Realms, the development team behind the original Duke Nukem games and Duke Nukem 3D, have revealed a new Duke game called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. The game is in co-development with Interceptor Entertainment. It is an isometric action RPG and it’s apparently heading to PC and PlayStation 4 tomorrow, 24 February. Hmmm.

Obviously, Gearbox Software isn’t too happy about this and as such they’ve opened up a legal case against 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment. “Recently — and without consulting the Duke IP’s actual owner, Gearbox,” the court filing papers read, “Interceptor announced its intent to develop a Duke Nukem game based upon the various characters, content and intellectual property owned by Gearbox. Apparently, after selling its Duke Nukem IP rights to Gearbox in 2010, [3D Realms] sought to privately convince others that the sale never happened. The result is the unauthorized development effort that reportedly exists between 3DR and Interceptor.”

Apparently, Gearbox issued a cease and desist letter to 3D Realms about two weeks ago; that letter was acknowledged, signed and accepted by 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller. Clearly it made a big impact because 3D Realms and Interceptor have continued as if nothing happened.

You can check out Mass Destruction’s webpage, but be warned: it has really annoying sound effects that don’t switch off when you hit the mute icon.

We’ll keep you posted about what happens with this. It’s a bizarre scenario for a number of reasons:  why hasn’t anyone heard about this game? How on Earth did 3D Realms think they could get away with this? How did Sony end up allowing this onto PS4 when it is so clearly a breach of copyright? Does anyone even want a new Duke Nukem game?

Source: Polygon