Ex Nokia boss takes over Xbox and Microsoft Games


A couple of weeks back, ex Nokia boss Stephen Elop was earmarked to take over as CEO of Microsoft. That position later went to Satya Nadella. Elop, however, is now taking over Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division, which basically means he’s in charge of games, the Xbox brand and the Surface brand.

Elop will take over from Julie Larson-Green, who filled the position after ex Xbox main man Don Mattrick left Microsoft to take up a CEO position at Zynga. Apparently this has been a long time coming, as Elop was pegged to take over the Devices and Studios division ever since Microsoft acquired Nokia.

This news came via an internal memo released by Larson-Green explaining the upcoming leadership changes. You can read the memo in its entirety in the source link below.

Source: The Verge