SA game VALA: Alpha gets 50,000 downloads in two weeks


Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha is a top-down 3D shooter for Windows Phone where you… well… slaughter rabid llamas to overcome the llama-induced apocalypse. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why llamas?” I reached out to Matt Cavanagh, lead programmer on the game, and he answered: “Because 9/10 of the imaginary fortune-tellers  we asked predicted that llamas were a greater real-world threat than zombies.” 

Now if you have a Windows Phone and you’re not downloading the game right now, you need to assess where you lost your childish  sense of glee. Guns? Explosions?! Llamas?!? It’s like a B-grade sci-fi film which went horribly right somewhere that you can now triumphantly enjoy.

Click through to read a bit more about the game’s success and Matt Cavanagh’s plans for a llama belly-sliding version of Tiny Wings.

It was two days ago that South African development studio RogueCode announced that it had surpassed 50,000 downloads in around two weeks. When I asked Cavanagh whether he expected the massive numbers, he sheepishly replied, “We naively thought that we’d launch the game and a few people would download it. We released it pretty bare to just get peoples’ initial reactions.” Despite this, the game sits on a 4/5 rating on all Windows platforms – this was achieved without any marketing or promotion for the game at all.


I asked Cavanagh how he planned to turn those numerous llama loving fans into gold-plated jacuzzis and he replied frankly that they’d “keep the game free until it is in a state that [they’re] happy with”.

When I inquired about more llama-themed games in RogueCode’s future, Cavanagh seemed to bite his tongue: “Nothing yet. We’ve discussed so many things to add to VALA that it is going to be a long time before that happens.”

Never fear though, llama lovers! Matt says he’d  love to make “a Tiny Wings-style game with a llama sliding on its stomach, because I have an infatuation with these games”. He continued: “Score would be determined by how far you get before the llama’s body has been completely ground down to pulp (because, you know, the ground is made of sandpaper).”

VALA: Alpha is currently free on Windows Phone and coming to other mobile platforms and PC at some point in the future.

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