Cyberpunk Game Jam jacks in this weekend


Insert ultra-snarky intro about hacking into the mainframe, deploying cryptobreakers to dodge corporate ice while riding the netstorm or reference to Snatcher here, whichever you prefer.

Right, with that out of the way, lovers of neo-dystopian cyberpunk take heed: like a virus, another game jam has sprung up, neon and garish, from the bowels of the Internet. The Cyberpunk Game Jam, lasting ten days from this Saturday onwards, will encourage game makers from around the Netaverse to produce a cyberpunk-themed game based on whichever ’80s cyberpunk illustration listed on the jam’s site earns the most votes.

I’ve experienced a bit of game jam fatigue given their increasing abundance, but as a lover of all things cyber…ish, the Cyberpunk Game Jam promises infinite delights or, at the very least, some horrendous ’80s callbacks and CGA-induced seizures. Reading through their recommended media list, though, I’ve just got to say: no Deus Ex? It’s like you’re not even taking this seriously.

Readers can vote for their preferred illustration at the site here, and follow on-the-hour developments on Twitter with #CYBERPUNKJAM.

Source: Cyberpunk Game Jam

Via: PC Gamer