Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition hitting the PlayStation 4


Here is some fantastic news: Housemarque has already wowed PlayStation 4 owners with the most excellent Resogun, but before they released that title, they released Dead Nation on the PlayStation 3. The twin-stick shooter from 2010 earned itself a cult following thanks to its hyper gore and near perfect control scheme. It was an excellent title.

Now, Housemarque and Sony have revealed Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition coming to the PlayStation 4. The best part is that this new release will be part of the March PlayStation Plus offering.

The new edition brings with it a higher resolution of 1080p and some neat tricks if you’re the type who likes to stream your gameplay. According to the announcement trailer (after the jump), your viewers will be able to “decide your fate” so presumably they’ll be able to influence your game somehow. That sounds neat! Then, because it seems to be a prerequisite for games these days, there’s a companion app for the game as well.