Watch this: Cadence announcement trailer

Dear intrepid reader, remember when I did my “local prototype of the week” (soon to return) on the musical puzzler, Cadence? Well, Made With Monster Love, the developers, are now pursuing a full release of the game and have just unleashed an announcement trailer in addition to a short gameplay video.

That trailer above will give you shivers. Once you’ve watched it, click through to see the gameplay video!

Still have no idea what Cadence is? It’s a “zen-like generative audio puzzle game” with a constant tension between utter relaxation and logical thinking. I’d get on this bandwagon quickly: having started a Steam Greenlight campaign yesterday, the game already has 500 yes votes and is 9% of the way to the top 100. This game will win awards and please many players – so try it before it becomes cool.

Cadence Greenlight Page

Play Cadence