Watch This: Creating the Titans of Titanfall


The ever lovely Jessica Chobot has sat down with the design team at Respawn Entertainment to talk about the stars of Titanfall: the Titans themselves. The game features three Titan classes: the Atlas, which will be familiar to all who played the recent beta, the Ogre and the Stryder. Each Titan brings with it a different style of play. While the Atlas is considered the workhorse that strikes a balance, the Ogre is your heavyweight Titan with lots of armour and low mobility. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the Stryder class, which forsakes armour for speed and mobility.

Each Titan has a distinct look and feel, and the video interview (after the jump) goes into detail on how Respawn’s design team went about creating them. The original Titan reference models for the game were actually real models that artist Joel Emslie kitbashed together. That probably played a big role in making the final, in-game models feel makeshift and cobbled together.

Titanfall hits PC on 14 March for us here in South Africa. The Xbox 360 version was delayed a few weeks back, and will be out on 28 March.