In forma.8 you play as a little space probe


And not the kind of space probe that’s been censored out of South Park: The Stick of Truth either; that’d be a pretty short game – a simple, in-and-out affair with not much room for narrative analogies. Too far? OK, let’s move on.

Tiny indie studio Mixed Bag is based in Turin, Italy. They’re putting together an action adventure game called forma.8 in which you play a little space probe that’s sent down to a planet. It looks rather lovely and most definitely intriguing. You’ll be looking for something and collecting other things along the way, all while avoiding everything that’s trying to eat your delicious little probe body.

The game is heading to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux, Mac, Wii U (holy cow, Wii U?!) and iOS. Sorry, Xbox and Android fans, no probey love for you I’m afraid. Hit the jump for the trailer, which has some pretty damn fantastic music that’s hopefully indicative of what’ll be in the final game. No release date other than 2014.