Interceptor Entertainment acquire 3D Realms


Proving that for many the moral “Always bet on Duke” still has currency (or that some enjoy chewing the same piece of gum for over 17 years), developer Interceptor Entertainment announced it has acquired 3D Realms.

While some are reporting that the purchase included Apogee Software, that is the result of some confusion: 3D Realms is actually Apogee Software Ltd, currently doing business as 3D Realms. The new Apogee Software, under Apogee Software LLC, is a different company with its own brands which include the old Duke Nukem titles and Rise of the Triad. You know, like the new one developed by Interceptor Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Gearbox Software is suing both Interceptor and 3D Realms over the development of a new Duke Nukem isometric action-RPG, claiming that 3D Realms technically don’t actually own good ol’ Duke anymore – although they may continue to bet on him by buying all the copies of Duke Nukem Forever.

Confused yet? Aaah, 3D Realms: what a tangled web you weave. There’s a book in your bones, somewhere; possibly a movie.

Following the initial reveal on Twitter, Apogee Software LLC were quick to clarify that the purchase did not involve their company in any way. Interceptor Entertainment CEO Frederik Schreiber confirmed the same. An official announcement is incoming, so we’ll update the story as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Twitter