Last week we all cheered at the news that Housemarque’s excellent Dead Nation is coming to PlayStation 4. The game is available from today and it brings with it a neat new feature called Broadcast+ which allows your viewers (assuming you’re streaming your gameplay) to influence your game. This was hinted at in the Dead Nation trailer, but now there’s some solid info. Your viewers will be able to vote for a positive or negative action to take place in your game. Positive actions might mean an ammo drop; negative actions might result in a zombie horde spawning, or your sprint button being deactivated for a time. In Dead Nation, there’ll be a total of 30 different actions that could occur. As the player, any viewer who votes will appear in your game as a zombie, so you’ll be able to shoot any douchey viewers in the face. Kind of.

It sounds like Broadcast+ will be heading to a number of future PlayStation 4 games. You can read more about it over on the PlayStation Blog.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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