Yay! Season Passes! Aren’t they just the best? Look, if you’ve already made up your mind to purchase a game’s unannounced DLC, then Season Passes make financial sense, but I still can’t get over the fact that you’re paying for something you know nothing about. You could throw money at them and end up with, I dunno, spotty bows for your Titans or something. Actually, that’d be great; I’d pay extra for the option to put a hot pink and black polka dot bow on my Titan’s head. I’d call him Sally and we’d have the bestest of friendships – squishing rival pilots under his enormous, stompy feet.

Sigh – a girl can dream.

Anyway, to quote an obnoxious Microsoft email that recently found its way into my inbox: “As a true gamer, the best way to stay up to speed with your favorite games is to grab a Season Pass.” And subsequently, Titanfall will give you that option.

Speaking to Gamespot, Respawn’s co-founder Vince Zampella said: “There will be some paid DLC. We’re going to do a season pass just because if you buy it up front, it’s a deal. We’re not going to do microtransactions. You just buy it up front, and you get a better price.”

The lack of microtransactions is a good thing, although that probably dashes my hopes for a hot pink bow.

Zampella also stated that Titanfall will get free add-ons, and he specifically pointed towards the addition of “private matches” as an example. Basically, the add-ons will be for the content that they wanted to include but didn’t get to ship in the final game.

Interestingly, these add-ons and DLC offerings aren’t guaranteed to be hitting the Xbox 360 version of the game; porting duties for which are being handled by Bluepoint Games. When asked whether upgrades and patches would be pushed to Xbox 360 versions, Zampella responded with: “We’ll have to sit down with EA and talk about that. My assumption is yes, but I don’t know if I’m the best person to speak for that.”

And in case you were wondering whether Titanfall will have a day one patch, the answer is yes… because contemporary gaming.

Source: Gamespot

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