Turtle Beach is joining in with everyone else in gearing up for Titanfall’s launch on 11 March for the US and 13-14 March for the peasants outside the US and Canada. The company have announced a custom paint job for the XO Four and have added in a USB amplifier and in-line volume controls to the mix to allow it to work on the Xbox One, 360, PC and mobile platforms.

The Titanfall Atlas will drop in stores in the US, Canada, UK and Europe starting today in time for Titanfall’s launch at a suggested price of $149.95. No mention has been made of retail availability or pricing for South Africa.

Turtle Beach appears to not have fiddled too much with the XO Four’s design or innards and retains the 50mm drivers responsible for ear-thumping sound. With larger drivers the headset can maintain a louder volume with increased clarity, pitch and bass, although this comes at a higher cost. The paint job was designed by Respawn Entertainment and crafting it after the Atlas means that Turtle Beach considers this more of an all-rounder headset rather than a specialty one. Perhaps later there’ll be matching headsets for the Ogre and Stryder.


The Titanfall Atlas also features a removable microphone with adjustable arm and removable microphone boom, mesh cloth-covered ear cups that are oval in shape to accommodate most ears and a padded head rest. Connectivity options are covered with two 3.5mm audio jacks for use on your PC, laptop or other mobile device, a USB amplifier with in-line volume controls, RCA cables for use on “other” (read: PS3) devices and a straight Xbox 360 chat cable to enable you to use voice communications using the microphone jack on the Xbox 360 controller.

Then again, how many people in South Africa own an Xbox One? I know of only five thus far (including our lovely Tarryn van der Byl, who, with her boyfriend, is getting ready to say goodbye to the world before she cracks open her copy of Titanfall). If you’re an Xbox One owner and are reading this, hello! Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be picking up any Titanfall-related gear or memorabilia to celebrate the launch.

Titanfall is Respawn Entertainment’s debut title for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Titanfall launches next week across the world and you can be sure a lot of people will phone in “sick” next week Friday.

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