Dark Souls II hits PC on 25 April


Rejoice, Glorious PC Master Race, because you too will be able to die over and over again on the 25th of April when Dark Souls II hits your platform. FromSoftware announced the release date via the official Dark Souls Facebook page. The console versions, in case you forgot, are out on the 14th of March, which is just one week away.

The extra seven week wait will be worth it though, because your version is going to be the superior one (pfft, as if I needed to tell you that). FromSoftware has confirmed increased texture resolutions as well as an increased frame rate. On top of that, the developers have pushed really hard to perfect mouse and keyboard controls.

Anyone who opts to pre-order on Steam will get bonus content at no extra cost: you’ll get a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, a PDF of the Official Dark Souls II Artbook, a digital copy of the entire Dark Souls II Digital Comic Book, and access to the Black Armour Weapon Set, which gives you ten weapons to use right off the bat. The game is already on Steam for pre-order at $49.99.

Source: Facebook