Landing in hot in time for Titanfall’s launch on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One for the rest of the world, Twitch streaming for the Xbox One has been announced by Microsoft with the promise that the servers and service will be up and running before 11 March. Its a pretty significant date for Microsoft – the partnership with Twitch has had it’s issues especially concerning Playstation 4, which had streaming functionality on launch and the company hopes that the hype surrounding Titanfall and the various streams available showcasing the game will make more people go out and buy an Xbox One. Win-win for them, I suppose.

In a video detailing the Xbox One Twitch app, Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb goes through a short video detailing how the streaming works and even goes into how the notifications for friends with Twitch streams will pop up on your dashboard. Its actually a very well thought-out UI and Microsoft has clearly put a lot of work in to make Modern UI fit  into the Xbox One on your TV.


One of the interesting things to come out of the video is Xbox One’s second-screen functionality which Hyrb didn’t dive into. Using a Windows Phone or Windows 8 tablet or mobile device, it’s easy to link up other devices to provide a second screen to display information. What Hyrb didn’t mention is that this is part of the latest Xbox One firmware update for March and that Second screen now allows you to interact with the Xbox One’s UI to control snap, read and answer Xbox Live messages and other things that users have yet to discover.

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In the settings menu for the Xbox One, there are new options for enabling broadcasting to Twitch. Because this also falls under Privacy settings, parents who have their kid’s accounts on their Xbox One may have this feature deactivated on their account in order to protect their privacy and to ensure that they don’t expose themselves on the internet.

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On the first setup of Twitch, the app will run a series of speed tests to Twitch servers to determine what kind of image quality other viewers will get. Note how the lowest option is only an 800Kb/s upload speed. To get that, you need to be running on VDSL or 3G/LTE, because ADSL connections typically top out with a 650Kb/s upload speed as promised by Telkom.

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Setting up the streams is also done while Twitch is snapped. You can configure when Kinect is active, whether the microphone is on, where the picture-in-picture overlay is on the screen and whether you’ll be able to see comments or not. While Twitch is snapped, comments will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

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One the broadcast settings are done, you get to name your Stream and start the broadcast. Microsoft has thoughtfully left the settings button always available on the app before you hit the broadcast button, giving you the option to tweak overlay and hardware settings for different games.

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Once you’re streaming, your friends will be notified that you’re broadcasting something if they have the Twitch app installed and they’ll be able to press the Xbox Guide button on the controller to join into the stream. When the stream’s over, or if they’ve had enough, there will be buttons to subscribe to the channel as well as buy or play the game you’ve just been watching.

All this is great and would be really awesome for Xbox One owners… if only they could bring out the console in South Africa. We’re running out of hints, Microsoft! Well, maybe we can just watch Tarryn play Titanfall.

Source: Xbox on Youtube

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