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If you’re one of the gamers who were disappointed today with the news that EA’s much-anticipated arena shooter Titanfall is not going to land on our shores, we have some good news! You can vent out your frustrations in a petition started by Nik Dragutinovic on, in which Nik urges EA to reconsider deploying Titanfall to South Africa despite our remote location and given the fact that we don’t have local Microsoft Azure servers to make the gameplay experience less laggy.

For those of you who haven’t woken up yet, Titanfall’s South African launch was cancelled by EA because in their beta tests performance was not up to the standards that they wanted. Responding to questions on Twitter, Vince Zampella acknowledged the issues that had been observed and said that Respawn wasn’t about to sell a game to customers when it wouldn’t perform well.

Vince Zampella on Titanfall SA cancellation

In a Facebook post announcing their decision, Electronic Arts South Africa said that their internal testing revealed performance issues relating to internet connectivity and decided to cancel the game’s launch despite a fairly successful round of beta tests by local gamers which revealed few, if any, game-breaking connectivity issues.

“After conducting recent online tests for Titanfall, we found that the performance rates in South Africa were not as high as we need to guarantee a great experience, so we have decided not to release Titanfall in South Africa at this time,” EA wrote. “We understand this is a disappointment for local fans and will keep fans posted on any future plans regarding the release of Titanfall in South Africa.”

In the petition’s body, an argument is made that despite the latency issues, South African gamers are prepared to accept them in order to play a game that many were looking forward to and even pre-ordered. As of this writing, the petition had reached 109 supporters out of 199 required before the petition’s demands would be sent to EA South Africa. Some of the commenters left their feelings about the issue open in the comments section;

Aaron Morse – Because the BETA was freaking awesome in SA!!!!

Tijs Robbens – Because friends!

David Kozlowski – I really want to play this great looking game, give me the choice to deal with the lag and take my money.

Geoffrey Tim – Don’t let whiners have their way. Give the rest of us choice.

Tim de Taranto – It’s a matter of principal, why on earth market the game for months only to pull out at the last second. The beta was played in South Africa and it was fine but when it comes to the real deal we’re not good enough?

Murray Pickard – We should be given the choice to play Titanfall regardless of the latency. If console players are given the choice with games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, why aren’t we PC players given that choice with Titanfall

Nick de Bruyne – Beta was a great experience, pre-orders all placed, have already spent years playing on international servers in other EA games like the Battlefield franchise. You have customers happy with the experience and willing to pay for it.

Sign the petition: Give South African Gamers the CHOICE to play Titanfall

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