Live-action inFamous trailer pews fire, asks questions later


You’ve got to hand it to Sony: they really know how to put together live-action trailers. If all goes according to plan (and we don’t suddenly get another “LOL no, South Africa can’t have this game either!” scenario) then inFamous: Second Son will be exploding onto the PlayStation 4 on 21 March. With less than two weeks to go before our eyeballs are subjected to all that neon, Sony is ramping up the marketing starting with this live-action TV spot.

In InFamous: Second Son, society lives in fear of superhumans – probably because boring old normal society is super-jelly they don’t have awesome super powers as well. The DUP (Department of Unified Protection) is set up to hunt down and lock up all superhumans, which is a problem for you in Second Son because protagonist Delsin Rowe is one of these superhumans.

After the jump you can watch as Rowe baits the DUP forces, only the whole thing is live-action and very, very impressive.