Nintendo recently announced Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition, which bundles together a copy of the game with a blue spiny shell collector’s item, and it will be available in South Africa. The release of the game itself is big news (especially for the struggling Wii U console), but for those who pre-order the title there will be an additional bonus in the form of themed key rings based on the game. For more info and a special Limited Edition trailer, hit the jump.

The themed key rings include golden dash mushroom, red shell, and bullet bill versions and will be given out while stocks last from participating online retailers. They will be available for those who pre-ordered the Limited Edition or simply the standalone copy.


As for the Limited Edition itself, it is currently available for £59.99 on Amazon UK and anyone who has already pre-ordered the game can upgrade to the Limited Edition while stocks last. The game is scheduled for release exclusively on Wii U on May 30th and looks set to provide more of the classic Mario Kart excellence whilst also introducing new elements to the series such as anti-gravity.


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