Yesterday we shared the good news that you can still get hold of Titanfall in South Africa. Late last night our pre-order key turned into a preload key, which means we were able to start downloading the game through Origin so that it’s ready to go for Friday’s release. That download is 49.9 GB 29 GB big. Yes, the DOWNLOAD, not the installation. The massive size difference when compared to the Xbox One’s 16GB has to do with the fact that the PC version uses uncompressed audio. That uncompressed audio accounts for 35 GB of data once you’ve installed the 49 GB game. Respawn tells Joystiq that they opted for uncompressed audio in order to compensate for dual core CPUs, which are the minimum requirement. A dual core CPU would utilise most of an entire core just to decompress that audio, so everyone gets uncompressed audio.

Bottom line: if you’re picking up a digital copy of Titanfall on PC (pretty much your only option in South Africa) then you better start that download soon.

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