Console Wars: Sony fires another warning shot at Microsoft


Oh those console wars – you never know what’ll happen next! In this latest episode of Stupid Things Kid Microsoft and Kid Sony Do in the Playground, we see Sony responding to Microsoft’s ludicrous insistence that any other kid who is BFFs with Sony, can’t be friends with Microsoft. This despite the fact that Microsoft regularly shows off their super long list of BFFs. OK this analogy is getting a little convoluted. Here’s the gist:

Microsoft has this stupid clause for all indie developers which insists on “launch parity”. What that means is that if an indie developer wants to publish their game on Xbox, then the game has to come to the Xbox, as a minimum, on the same day it comes to any other platform. This basically ensures that Sony never gets any timed exclusives for their PlayStation consoles. This despite the fact that Microsoft loves whipping out and dangling their timed exclusives in front of everybody.

So in response to Microsoft’s silly launch parity requirements for indie devs, Sony’s VP of Publisher & Developer Relations for the PlayStation brand, Adam Boyes, tweeted the following cheeky image:


The tone harkens back to Sony’s rather damn hilarious video they shared during E3 2013, which showed the world how easy it is to share games with friends on the PlayStation 4.

Perhaps Microsoft’s insistence on launch parity is part of the reason why so many upcoming indie titles have become PlayStation 4 exclusives, such as Jonathan Blow’s The Witness and Tequila Works’ rather lovely looking Rime?

Source: Twitter

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