Polish based developer 11 Bit Studios has unveiled a new survival game called This War of Mine. The contemporary war game shifts the focus from your gung-ho soldiers to the civilians caught in the middle. You will play as those civilians and it’ll be up to you to keep a group of them alive through the conflict.

“While designing a new game,” the game’s lead designer Michal Drozdowski said, “we came across an article that described how one man survived in a besieged city. We learned about his hardships and the horror of that experience. We decided to work around this idea and make something real, something that moves people and makes them stop think for a second. It’s about time that games, just like any other art form, start talking about important things.”

This War of Mine will see you scavenging for food and supplies for your civilian shelter. You’ll be able to trade and craft goods, but you’ll need to look for items at night as during the day the streets are riddled with snipers. The game sounds as if it’ll have some tough decisions at various points, with you having to decide which of your civilians lives or dies in order to save the maximum amount of survivors.

No release date as yet, but there’s a pretty powerful reveal trailer below.


Source: 11 Bit Studios

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