About a month ago we took a first look at an ambitious new online RPG called ReRoll, which has now been stylised to ReROLL. You remember, the game that was going to use drones and cameras to map the whole planet as a game world? Yes, that’s ReROLL.

The game looks to be coming along nicely, with tiny development team Pixyul releasing their first trailer. The trailer shows off some early world geometry, and it’s kind of like looking at the 3D cityscapes of Google Earth. In the narrative for their game, ReROLL’s epidemic starts in Montreal, Canada. The thing that’s most appealing about the trailer in world being created, is that it feels rather plausible. There are no gateways to hell that pop up to usher in an apocalypse – it’s just a virus that plays havoc with global stability and society.

If you missed the initial look at this game, then head on over to our article right here to catch up.

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