Giblets: Canada sees big PS4 price increases

It looks like Brazil and South Africa aren’t going to be the only countries being subjected to higher prices for the new generation of consoles. Thanks to the dropping value of the Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar, there’s now a hefty price increase for those maple-syrup-lovers up north and it affects the PS4 and its accessories, the Xbox One’s accessories and all game prices on all platforms. The PS4 sees a CAD $50 jump, all its accessories see a CAD $5 increase and all games on the platform, including digital titles, see a $10 increase resulting in an average price for new games of CAD $80. The price increases also seem to affecting all digital goods.

In the meantime, South Africans will see 14% VAT levied on all digital and online purchases starting on 1 April and there are no signs of the PS4 getting cheaper yet. We may have to hold on for a big longer for it to become affordable to everyone.

Source: IGN Canada

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