Nvidia has announced plans to drop driver development for DirectX 10 graphics cards and notes that the last Geforce driver to support these cards will be the Geforce R340 driver. After this there will be no support for the Geforce 8000, 9000, 200 and 300 series of cards from the green team. Nvidia may opt, however, to fix driver bugs or security holes for their older cards, but this will merely update the R340 driver. For all intents and purposes, Nvidia considers the drivers for these cards feature complete.

There is some good news for Geforce 400 and 500 owners, though – your cards will continue to be supported by Nvidia. Although there won’t be any new features for these cards, Nvidia will still work on fixing bugs and improving performance. Moving forward, Nvidia will be supporting three different architectures (Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell) while AMD has only one to worry about – Graphics Core Next. That makes for simpler, quicker and better driver improvements, smaller download sizes and more stability from both graphics vendors – yay!

Source: Nvidia

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