Steam Machines! We’ve been rambling about these things for quite some time now, and the great news is that they’re hitting the market later this year. Some of them are really, really expensive – like two nVidia GeForce Titans stuck together kind of expensive. But then there are a couple that seem to be more bank account friendly.

Website (and magazine) Stuff got a big shipping container from Valve a few days ago. Inside that container were 12 of the planned 13 Steam Boxes. The guys at Stuff, being the massive tech geeks they are, fondled, fawned over and photographed all 12 of them so that we all get to do the same thanks to the power of THE INTERNET.

Obviously, we’re not posting all 12 here, so if you want to check out all of them, then pay Stuff a visit. They have some interactive GIF files of each of the Steam Boxes, so you can zoom in and out and pretend you own one of these things. Or, you know, you can just pretend your PC is a Steam Box, because these all (save one or two) look pretty much like PCs. Do I sound slightly disappointed, or do I sound as if I have newfound respect for the people who design PlayStations and Xbox consoles?

In related news, Valve has unveiled the final build of that very exciting looking Steam Controller. A few weeks back they announced they were dropping the touchscreen to make way for a D-pad and face buttons for backwards compatibility purposes. The final model is actually rather shmexy and I still totally want one.


Source: Stuff

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