WIN: R1,000 worth of Minecraft toys

Everyone loves Minecraft, right? Are we ready to agree on that as a universal fact? I met someone once who didn’t like Minecraft. I told him right then and there that we would never be friends. He slowly, shamefully lowered his head, his shoulders slumped, and he quietly turned away and walked off into a cartoon sunset, and I’ve not seen him since. I’m assuming he was the last of the unbelievers.

The (entirely made-up) story above is meant in jest, obviously. I’m sure there are many people out there who can’t stand Minecraft. But this competition is not for them. This competition is for those people so obsessed with Minecraft that their bed linen is made of actual Creeper skin. Those people who’ve attempted to create expansive real-life mine cart track networks across the roofs of their real-life houses. Those people whose nightly and daily dreams are suspiciously blocky.

In other words, don’t click through unless you really like Minecraft.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Prima Toys, we’ve got R1,000 worth of Minecraft-themed toys to give away. Normally you can only snag these wondrous goodies at Toys R Us, but it turns out you can also get them from us for the magical price of free. YAY!

That is, unless you consider leaving a comment as being the opposite of free, in which case you’re out of luck. What you need to do if you’re eager to win is drop a comment below. You can write whatever you’d like really, but your text must include the answer to this question: which retailer stocks the new Minecraft line of toys?

We’ll randomly select a winner one month from today. And now for some terms and conditions, because why not:

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
The prizes are not transferable and may not be converted into cash
The competition is open to South African residents only
Winners will be contacted within 4 weeks of competition being closed
Competition is valid from 17/03/2014 to 17/04/2014
Prize includes Prima Toys Minecraft toys worth R1,000