I’m fond of documentaries. Whether they’re about the competitive gaming scene or gamer culture, I’m an active proponent of greater documentation and archiving of the art of video games, and Devolver Digital looks set to add to that growing library with the documentary series Super Game Jam.

Super Game Jam follows the travails of five two-person teams through the process of creating a game within 48-hours, with the resultant episodes being released on Steam monthly. Super Game Jam will feature the likes of Hotline Miami‘s Jonatan Söderström, Gunpoint‘s Tom Francis, and McPixel‘s Sos Sosowski to name but a few of the star indies on the roll. Hit the jump for the official trailer and more info.

Filmed over a six-month period, the episodes will be released on Steam along with the game that was created during the 48-hour period, with the first game by Jan Willem Nijman and Richard Boeser (developers of LUFTRAUSERS and ibb and obb respectivelycoming in April this year. I’m not sure what insights might be gleaned from such a series, but as a relatively new entertainment medium without the extensive critical spotlight afforded to films, music and the arts, we need more media that delves into the creative and technical aspects required to create games.

Source: Devolver Digital Blog

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