Ubisoft’s new open world action title Watch Dogs was supposed to launch alongside the new wave on consoles during last year’s festive season. It got delayed for six months and will now be arriving (fingers crossed) on 27 May. While a lot of the time a game’s delay is for extra spit and polish, sometimes the game gets extra content.

In the case of Watch Dogs, that six month delay has resulted in new content for the game. The only reason we know about this new content is because it has resulted in Australia having to alter their rating for Watch Dogs. Under the Australian Classification Board guidelines, Ubisoft had to resubmit their game due to the fact that the content had been added to during the delay. That extra content warranted the ACB to bump up the game’s rating to R18+ from the less strict MA15+.

So what the heck was added that warranted the game receiving the highest rating possible in Australia? A new scene has been included that portrays a human trafficking ring. During the scene, there is implied sexual assault on an NPC that is described as a “nineteen year old, Romanian immigrant”. The scene shows the beginning of the assault before panning away, only to be show a blood stained bed a few moments later.

According to the ACB: “the game contains references to sexual violence that cannot be accommodated in the MA15+ classification category, which states that ‘sexual violence, implied or otherwise, is not permitted’.”

Source: Polygon

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