Biostar joins the Bitcoin craze for dedicated miners

Biostar Bitcoin mining rig

As if it wasn’t enough that Litecoin and other Altcoin miners are snapping up AMD graphics cards on all corners of the globe to make their virtual currency, some of the motherboard manufacturers have been getting in on the action with some even offering dedicated motherboards designed specifically for mining purposes and nothing else. Bitcoin’s bubble hasn’t yet broken and it seems as if the currency is flattening out and making room for itself in the global market. To coin in (ahem) on this craze, Biostar has begun to offer dedicated ASIC miners for use in Bitcoin mining.

ASIC miners are dedicated hardware that is specifically built for hash rates and mining Bitcoins. Once the difficulty rates soared high enough to make GPU mining much less profitable than it was before, ASIC designs were worked on to continue the upward trend and meet the demands of miners who wanted to get in on the game, but didn’t want to deplete dozens of GPUs at a time from the consumer channel or waste so much energy. As things stand now Bitcoin is still profitable, but the presence of ASICs have allowed individuals, businesses and countries to build entire farms and earn gobs of money in the process.


Biostar’s ASIC, called the BTC-24GH, ships with 64 chips on board that combined offer a 24GH/s hash rate. What you see in the above picture is the equivalent of 30 Radeon HD7970 cards on two boards the size of a standard ATX motherboard. The rig draws power from a 24-pin, 20-pin and 4-pin PEG connector and Biostar estimates power draw at a mere 130 Watts.

Although that sounds great, this is Biostar’s first product and they’re using ASIC  designs from miners that were commonly sold back in 2012. Today’s ASICs are five times more efficient and five times faster, so the BTC-24GH only really appeals if you’re setting up a farm for yourself for the first time. Bitcoin hasn’t announced a time frame for the ASIC’s release, but it needs to be priced right to make it attractive for miners.

And perhaps with companies like Biostar hopping on board, perhaps miners can stop sucking up all the Radeon stock as well!

Source: TechpowerUp

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