Otherworldly adventure game Stranded released


The Dig is the unloved child of LucasArt’s adventure game dynasty [Who told you such things? I know of at least one person who adored The Dig. It’s me, but still. – Ed.], widely derided for its lack of antics and shenanigans, too dated for when it was released. Nevertheless, it remains one of my firm favourites; the dour character of Commander Low, the sci-fi trappings and the empty, haunting nature of its alien world resonated strongly with me.

Now Peter Moorhead’s invoking the spirit of The Dig in his newly released point-and-click adventure, Stranded. It’s possible that this is going to get lost in the hustle and bustle of GDC news and big reveals during the week, so if you’re a fan of the pointing and the clicking you should give it a look. Hit the jump to see the trailer and more info.

As an astronaut awakened from a deep cryogenic slumber, you find your vessel stranded on a desert-like alien world. With time against you, you’ll need to explore the world which is very clearly inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic, down to the deep orange and red hues, ancient ruins and sand. Lots of sand.

It seems intriguing, and while I can’t personally recommend it (since I haven’t played it), at $7 for both the game and the soundtrack taking a chance on it isn’t exactly going to leave you in Debtville.

You can pick up the game here through Humble Bundle. Thanks to Chris Bischoff (Of Stasis famefor the heads up!

Source: Twitter