“I love lamp.”

That quote is almost completely unrelated to this competition, except that it’s from a movie and this competition has everything to do with movies and therefore that quote is completely 100% related to this competition, because logic.

Also, we have three movies to give away, because we love movies, and we love you. Not as much as we love lamp though. Don’t be silly.

Up for grabs is a set of three movies: GravityJobs and Prisoners. If you’re now bummed that Anchorman and its sequel aren’t on that list, we offer our sincerest apologies. But not really.

If you’d like the chance to win ’em, leave us a comment below, preferably containing hilarious and/or awesome movie quotes that’ll tickle our laugh and/or awesomeness glands. Not that it’ll help you win, because the winner will be randomly chosen, but it’ll still be good for a chuckle. I’ve crammed in three quick trailers below, if you’re interested.


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