Watch this: your Watch Dogs PlayStation exclusive goodies


Do you even PlayStation, brah? Because if you do, and if you’re planning on getting your calloused, grimy claws on a copy of Ubisoft’s NEXT BIG THING called Watch Dogs, then this new video is just for you. It’s for you because, well… the video contains footage of the extra bits you get for the PlayStation versions… so obviously the video is for you, IF you PlayStation, brah. We on the same page? Great; moving swiftly along.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game come with about an hour of extra mission content. That content plays out over four missions that involve protagonist Aiden Pearce working alongside the hacking group DedSec in order to take on a security network called Umeni Technologies. Once you complete those missions, you’ll get some bonus hacking skill points as well as a “White Hat Hacker Outfit”.

Note that this content will be provided via a download, so you won’t actually find it baked into the retail disc. You will, however, get a code that will allow you download the extra content via the PlayStation Store. You can bet your left butt cheek that that content will likely find its way to other platforms in the future, because “platform exclusive content” is really just industry speak for “platform timed exclusive content”.

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