Online gaming is no stranger to hacks and cheats that give players an advantage. Aimbots and wallhacks aid those people who have allowed their obsession with winning to engulf their honest participation in online gaming. But banhammers are so last-gen. There’s a new way to deal with those unscrupulous mouth-breathers who muck up online games due to cheating: lump them all in the same boat so that they can only play with their cheating, mouth-breathing brethren. Those people are scum, and they deserve each other.

Respawn is doing just that, and it’s all gotten underway on the PC version of Titanfall. They’ve done this by enabling Gameblock’s “Fair Fight” system of server-side tools to monitor player behaviour. It’s rather clever: Fair Fight monitors players’ actions and compares those actions to a set of statiscitally derived markers of legitimate player activities. If the player’s activities differ too much from the statiscial norm, then that player is earmarked as using hacks and cheats.

Once that happens, Respawn pops up a nice little notification on that player’s main menu; see the above header image. That player is then damned to cheater hell, and they’ll only ever be allowed to play against other cheaters. Respawn is calling it “the Wimbledon of aimbot contests”.

Have fun, you cheating bastards.

Source: Titanfall.com

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