Shark Attack Deathmatch smells blood in the water


Would it be crazy if I wrote that there is a South African game development studio that has cumulatively sold over one million games? Probably. It’d probably be even more insane if I told you their most successful game was based around sharks battling spear gun-wielding scuba divers, right? Definitely. What if I said they were from Durban? Oh… actually that makes perfect sense.

Lighthouse Games Studio is another of South Africa’s underground game industry success stories and they’re hoping to bring their most popular Xbox LIVE game Shark Attack Deathmatch to PC with the help of Steam Greenlight.

To explain Shark Attack Deathmatch you don’t have to stray far from the game’s name. The game is played in rounds in typical deathmatch style, and sees you trying to kill as many enemies within the given time. Except you’re playing underwater as a scuba diver (as opposed to on land as a scuba diver, which is surely a sequel that’s in the works) and shooting enemies causes them to bleed, thus attracting sharks that’ll finish off your opponents if you don’t.


The game is doing rather well on Greenlight with it already being 79% of the way to the top 100. Help it get into the top 100!

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